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International Poet MasterPiece is releasing her 5th self published book The Gallery: Window to My Soul. The book is MasterPiece's first publication that is not centered around poetry but rather exposes a glimpse into the writer's journey into her spoken word career. Not quite an autobiography but more of an up close and personal, uncensored diary from her lens. The book is raw and actually unlike anything she's ever done. For the first time ever, she addresses some of the most pressing questions and topics straight on with no filter. 

Ultimately, a large part of MasterPiece's brand is her iconic looks and modeling pictures. From Essence Magazine to Olay she has been changing the game as a poet/model hybrid for over 16 years now. It is only right that the title The Gallery includes some of her most recent and unreleased photos. Shot by various photographers, each page is part of an exhibit in the gallery showcasing many different aspects of MasterPiece. It is no doubt The Gallery will be one of the biggest releases from the MasterPiece discography.

Full purchase is complete with the book, a download of the EP, and a copy of Visions from the Mango Tree: Poems by MasterPiece. Price includes shipping.

The Gallery - Coffee Book

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