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"A true talent that the world is not ready for. I've discovered a goldmine" -Abigail Pautz, The Dallas Observer


"Her combination of wordplay & stage presence definitely kept all eyes on her. There was this one particular piece that was so good that the crowd demanded that she perform it again. [She is] extremely talented and professional." -John Lacarbiere, Word Connections





"MasterPiece is the perfect blend of professionalism and artistry. Her presence alone promotes empowerment and respect. You can feel her integrity and connect with her dignity on and off stage" -Floyd Boykin, Jr. editor of SpokenVizions Magazine


"MasterPiece the poet is a powerhouse both on and off the stage, providing a necessary voice as a woman of color boasting both professionalism and mastery of her art and brand. Her stage presence is unparalleled, as she speaks to the many intersections of black womanhood, breaking African myths and stereotypes, unapologetic sexuality, and the brilliance of motherhood.  Undoubtedly MasterPiece is a presence to be reckoned with, and will set any stage she sets foot in ablaze with her unbridled truth and poignant craft. " -Pages Matam, Director of Poetry Events Busboys and Poets, Award winning Author, Performer, Educator.


"In just a few short years [she] has become one of my favorite performance poets." -Taalam Acey, world reknown poet


"I’ve seen [her] onstage. [She] is phenomenal. Know this. Every team needs that young superstar who is primed to make her mark in the scene…the front runner for city champion in the coming years, I believe we have that at Dallas Poetry Slam in you."

-Joaquin Zihuatanejo, Individual World Poetry Slam Champion

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